Heading Guidelines

I. Updated Heading Guidelines from ENYYSA and other Governing Bodies, 3/16/2016:

To:    All Club Presidents & Registrars


Please read updated ENYYSA Heading Protocol just received.
This updated protocol comes following further clarification from US Soccer Federation, US Youth Soccer Association regarding deliberate heading of a ball in an U11 (and younger) competition.
Specifically:  Any 
U11 or younger players shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games. 
This covers ALL ENYYSA sanctioned matches; league game, league cup or state cup. 
This protocol is effectively immediately and super cedes any previous communications or directives.
This protocol is in effect for all age appropriate LI Cup matches scheduled for this weekend.
The State Association has notified all referee assignors accordingly.
We are also sending out a communication to all U11 and younger coaches in our league today as well.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

ENYYSA Heading Protocol

II. ENYYSA Pocket Concussion Awareness and Protocol Tool

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