Coach's Corner

Babylon Soccer Club coaches should develop and share their personal coaching philosophy with their parents. In addition, the coaches should also communicate their core coaching principles as well as their expectations of the players and parents.

Below are a few guidelines for coaches to follow:

  1. Coach should measure success by more than the score.
  2. Assure control of all players at all times. This includes remaining at the field of practice and game, until all players have been picked up.
  3. Coaches must provide to parents and players a copy of the game schedules as soon as the information is available.
  4. Favoritism is not a practice that coaches should adhere to.
  5. The Head Coach is responsible for the actions of the assistant coaches, parents and team players, prior to, during and after each practice and game.
  6. Encourage players and parents to notify the coach when a player will be absent from a practice or a game.