Player Expectations
(1) Do your best.
(2) Have fun.
(3) Understand and follow the rules of soccer.
(4) Be part of a Team.
(5) Respect your team mates.
(6) Listen to the Coach.
(7) You will make mistakes – learn from your mistakes
(8) Will play various positions - defense and offense.
(9) Ask questions when you don’t understand something.
(10) Want to get better and not worry about winning or losing.
Parent Expectations
(1) The goal is to develop the child’s skill set. The child will be trained to play “well” and this will lead to wins.
(2) A successful season will be based on whether the team played well, not based on the number of wins.
(3) Focus on skill development and effort and not winning or losing.
(4) Coaching is a process and may take time to see results.
(5) Commitment from the child. Child needs to attend training sessions. Training sessions will focus on skill development.
(6) Make sure your child comes ready to train/play – with proper equipment and attitude.
(7) Let the Coach coach. Don’t undermine, second guess or criticize a coach in public.
(8) Support the referees.

Babylon Soccer Club