SEASON START (First GameDay) - September 10/September 11, 2016

The U11 Travel (LIJSL) season will begin the weekend of September 10, 2016/September 11, 2016 (First Gameday).  Please note that there will be one training session during the week starting the week of Septemebr 12, 2016 by Babylon Soccer Club with Maximum Potential. Furthermore, each Coach will determine if they will have an additional training session(s) for their team (run by the coach or trainer (at an extra cost). Coaches will be managing training, team communications and Gameday.  Games will be played 9v9 (with a goalie). We are looking forward to working with your child this coming Fall. Please have your child wear soccer cleats, shin guards, bring a size 4 soccer ball and bring water.

U11 Training Program Schedule Fall 2016 (Check with your Coach)

U11 Travel (LIJSL) GameDay Schedule Fall 2016 (Check with your Coach)

(Coaches will be reaching out to Parents with additional Information)

Team Head Coach Asst Coach
U11 Girls    
Warriors Karen Hayes Christine Graham
    Tara McGuinness
U11 Boys    
Fire Robert Krollage Allison Bridges
Wolfpack Vincent Dunne Darrin Becker
    TJ Golub
    Tim McDonough


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