Club Vision

CLUB PHILOSOPHY  - Player Development over Winning games


Long term player development - we believe it is important to give our children the tools for personal growth and player growth through soccer training. It’s not necessarily the wins you have on your sheet, but how the player embraces and acknowledges the game they are playing. Games are to be won when individual players come together to form a team. That team must become a cohesive working unit to be successful.


Holistic approach of teaching soccer. Rather than just focusing on just soccer techniques and tactics, the goal of player development is to assist a child in developing their social, psychological and physical skills to succeed on and off the pitch. We want a child to be able to think for themselves, negotiate and resolve conflict and perform at their best in everything that they do in life. Guide the player rather than instruct. Don't overwhelm the player with instructions; allow the player to make decisions on their own; allow the player to be creative and not over analyze. 


Develop technically and tactically sound players capable of making proper and confident decisions based on the flow of the game.


Use soccer as a viable and sustainable activity of building self confidence and instilling moral values for the children in the community. Soccer has the uncanny dualistic role of building a player's individuality as well as supporting and sustaining a child’s relationship with other being part of a team. Being part of a team is an important and intangible social relationship that has a positive impacts on a child’s psychological development. You never face anything alone when you are part of a team. The problems that one may face off the pitch are handled together and thus helps them through any difficult situation. The team takes on the intangible roles of nurturing and guiding a child through the psychological burden he or she may endure on the pitch. It is inevitable that this relationship has an indirect, yet positive impact on how a child handles a problem off the pitch. As part of a team, a child realizes that he or she are not alone and there are various ways of dealing with the day to day problems that they may face. When a child feels part of a team, they are motivated to perform at their highest level and build a passion for that particular activity. 


STYLE - Possession oriented


Keeping possession of the ball for the purpose of finding and taking advantage of opportunities to attack forward whenever possible. Building out of the defensive 3rd: goalie dishing it out to a defender and then defenders continue passing the ball and switching the point of attack to get the player numbers in their favor.


Try to create 1v1, 2v1 or even 3v1 situations in attacking area for scoring opportunities.


If lose possession of ball, players quickly transition to defensive mentality - pressure quickly and try win back the ball before team begins a counter attack or building momentum.


Three main areas of focus for this style of soccer:

(1) Possession - if unable to push forward, maintain control of the ball

(2) Movement -  with and with out the ball; learn to read the game

(3) Good decision making - choosing the right option at that moment in time



AGE GROUP - Club Wide; U5 and Up


Emphasize common themes and concepts across all age groups to strengthen the Club's overall quality.


Uniting all teams under a common vision.

Babylon Soccer Club